We took a trip to the zoo to see all the animals!

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Baby great white shark in the pool!

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11 months old. Where does the time go?

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Went for a run with the little buddy and he fell asleep. He is too sweet!

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Beach bummin!

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Hoping to get back to updating this regularly. Here's mister at 10 months. He babbles up a storm and makes us laugh all the time. No interested in crawling but he gets around in his own way! Loved his trip to the beach and is a total water baby.

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I've been slacking! Here is Jack's 9 month shot.

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Baby boy is 8 months old! (Tear) He just got his first tooth the other day. He loves food, kicking, when dad gives him a bath and when mom makes funny faces at him. Dislikes when mom walks away and being changed right after he wakes up. He is such a love bug!

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Jack says happy birthday Opa!!

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Laura and baby Jack are doing great. Thank you everyone for the prayers and support.

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Edgartown Light, Martha's Vineyard, MA

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Walking around the Lighthouse in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard.

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We were working a little bit in the entryway...it's taking us a while, but I think more because of how infrequently we've actually worked on it. The garage door should get installed next week and then we can paint, finish the trim, etc.

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That's what it looked like here from the storm that came through...the storm wasn't very bad here at all. Snowed one night, but roads were perfectly clear the next day.

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The hangar our plane flies to/from in Massachusetts is pretty nice. But mostly because of the complimentary Blue Bunny Ice Cream chest....three kinds of ice cream sandwiches and a couple of cones...

The Ice Cream gets a lot more traffic than the coffee or soup I've noticed, no matter how cold the weather...

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Played basketball at the old Pastime Athletic Club on the north side. Those of you around Syracuse would remember it...the place is old. Should have snapped a picture of the gym...but forgot.

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It got close to 60 a few weeks ago....and now it's below 0 in the mornings.

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Laura had the good idea of using a photo of baby shoes/boots to let the family know without directly telling them. We took several, here's one of them.

To tell Laura's parents we got on a video chat and sent them an email with one of the photos. For my parents, Laura had already told my mom that she would give her a frame we had from the wedding...so we put a photo in there to hand to my mom. Surprise!

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Gotta get back into posting. I'm slacking...so I'll cheat a bit...Laura actually took this one of me tossing dough for pizza. Tossing the dough makes kind of a mess...it does work well if I don't mess it up, but I'm not very good at it.

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